Made in England

I couldn’t wait to share this amazing piece I was gifted for Christmas last year but unfortunately didn’t have the time to do the write up it deserves.


The gorgeous dresser set was found in Rutherglen at the antique store. I had been pining over it for at least 6 months and when I finally decided to pull the pin and buy, it was gone! I have to admit I was fairly upset.. that was until I unwrapped it at Christmas. Sam’s mum Carolyn had seen me eyeing it off every time I visited and decided to lay-by it away for me as a surprise and boy was I surprised!

I believe this set is Lucite and is made in England. I was immediately drawn to its bright turquoise blue and its interesting speckled effect.

I have never seen anything like it again and while it does have some general wearing scars I think it adds charm to the set.

If anyone has anymore information on this kind of set I would love to know.


Guess who’s back…

I sound a bit like a broken record regarding my lack of posts…. but unfortunately I’ve been busy with lots of work and traveling around.

I have still been shopping up a storm in between working my full time job and causally at the lovely boutique Kitty Rose Couture  in Brunswick.

Just in case you have forgotten what I look like here a a snap from one of my shifts at Kitty Rose Couture.


Expect some juicy posts very soon! WATCH THIS SPACE

A Very Vintage Hair Update

It has been so long between posts that I didn’t get a chance to do an update on my hair.

After a total of 7 hours in the salon chair I am now much lighter and loving it!
I also took the plunge and got my hair cut substantially shorter and into the classic middy cut.

image (7) image (8)

It was an easy decision since I was ready to put my effort into setting my hair. With my old haircut my curls weren’t layered and didn’t sit right at all. Now with this heavily layered cut I have the Elizabeth Taylor do I always wanted.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the cut please find a diagram below


I’m really excited to start experimenting with this haircut particularly refining my pin curling and setting skills.

I will be sure to keep the blog updated with how I go.


A night out in a Geoff Riddel dress

First off I want to apologise for the severe lack of posts in the last couple of months.

I have started a new job and am putting a majority of my focus into learning and progressing professionally.
I do promise to keep up with posting and get back in to the swing of things as soon as I can.

On a lighter note I few weeks ago I went out for some cocktails in this gorgeous made in Australia Geoff Riddel vintage dress.
The dress was previously owned by my very fashionable great aunt Norma. I have a number of her outfits in my wardrobe and adore taking them out on the town.
Weekend Dress Longshot 1

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Ballarat Heritage Weekend

I spent the weekend in Ballarat for mothers which also happens to be the fabulous Ballarat Heritage Weekend.

I was lucky enough to not only spend an amazing weekend with my mother but also catch the Darenell Collection, the vintage apron parade and see underneath the mechanic’s institute.

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